To support the EU-funded Space Research, the European Commission established a Consultation Platform to elaborate a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) following an inclusive and structured process.

The Consultation Platform is structured around:

  • A Steering Committee in charge of supervising, organising and monitoring the work of the Working Groups and of validating the outputs of the Consultation Platform
  • Four Working Groups (WG) organised in line with the objectives of the Space Strategy for Europe

Two WGs focusing mostly on R&I needs:

  • Working Groups  Foster Competitiveness, addressing R&I needs for competitive space systems (telecommunication, Earth Observation, ground segment, future systems) and R&I needs for generic enabling technologies and industrial processes and production tools.
  • Working Groups  Reinforce Access to Space, addressing R&I needs for launch systems (launcher competitiveness, innovative and disruptive concepts), services and facilities (new commercial solutions, test, production and launch facilities, means and tools)

Two WGs focusing mostly on recommendations for synergies, governance and funding:

  • Working Groups  Promote Synergies, providing recommendations for technology non-dependence and dual-use technologies and ways to foster R&I synergies through technology transfer and common European roadmaps, consistent with the European Space Technology Harmonisation process.
  • Working Groups  Strengthen Opportunities, providing recommendations for suitable instruments and ways to leverage available funding opportunities under Horizon Europe and other programmes.

The Platform involves the representatives of European space stakeholder communities. It includes EU Member States representatives, members of the following associations:


  • ASD-Eurospace, representing industry
  • SME4Space, representing SMEs
  • ESRE, representing national research centers dealing with space
  • EASN, representing academia
  • EARTO, representing multidisciplinary research and technology organisations

and other actors in space R&I.


The resources section provides a list of relevant files and documents for the European R&I stakeholders. Some of the resources require a password. Please contact to request access.

EU-funded study “EU Space Economics in Global Context”

The study “EU Space Economics in the Global Context” was financed by the European Commission and builds an aggregated view of the space sector economics and identifies trends, strengths, weaknesses and perspectives of the EU space sector in the global context and spill-overs to the non-space sector.

The study includes the following sections and presentations: Transformation of the global sector (‘New Space’), Public investments, Satellites market, Launcher sector, Satcom, Earth Observation, Satellite navigation, Midstream and socio-economic benefits, as well as an overview. Some of these results were presented during recent Workshops.

Download the study HERE (password protected)

More resources will be listed in the coming months.