EU initiates a satellite-based connectivity system and boosts action on management of space traffic for a more digital and resilient Europe

On February 15th 2022, the EU tabled two initiatives – a proposal for a Regulation on a space-based secure connectivity and a Joint Communication on an EU approach on Space Traffic Management (STM).

Space-based secure connectivity:

In today’s digital world, space-based connectivity is a strategic asset for EU’s resilience. It enables our economic power, digital leadership and technological sovereignty, competitiveness and societal progress. Secure connectivity has become a public good for European governments and citizens. The Commission is thus putting forward an ambitious plan for an EU space-based secure communication system.

This initiative is going to involve a lot of research and innovation, therefore very relevant to European research space actors. It will also offer opportunities for synergies with our research agenda such as with GOVSATCOM and the evolution of Galileo.

Space Traffic Management:

With an exponential increase in the number of satellites in orbit due to new developments in reusable launchers, small satellites and private initiatives in space, the resilience and safety of EU and Member States’ space assets are at serious risk. It is critical to protect the long-term viability of space activities by ensuring that space remains a safe, secure and sustainable environment. This makes Space Traffic Management a priority public policy issue, which requires the EU to act now, collectively and at a multilateral level, if we are to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable use of space for the generations to come.

The Joint Communication on an EU approach on Space Traffic Management (STM) proposes to develop concrete initiatives, including operations and legislation, to promote the safe, secure and sustainable use of space while preserving the EU’s strategic autonomy and industry‘s competitiveness. 

More information on the two initiatives is available here