Looking back: The first workshop on the Future Space Ecosystem (FSE)

As one of the first activities of the new Consultation and Coordination Framework for EU Space R&I, DEFIS B.2 organised the 1st Future Space Ecosystem Workshop (FSE). The Future Space Ecosystem line addresses in particular topics related to In-Space Services (such as Satellite Servicing, logistics in space, assembly, manufacturing, etc.) and enabling technologies (such as robotics, electric propulsion, or AI).

The purpose was to take stock, gather ideas and draw perspectives on in-orbit services, use cases, enabling technologies and industrialisation aspects.

  • In the State of Play session, the DEFIS B2 and HaDEA provided insights into current and future EU activities related to In-Space Services such as On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing and Logistics. Also, the H2020 Specific Research Clusters (SRCs) PERASPERA, focusing on space robotics, and EPIC, developing the enabling technology of electric propulsion, presented their activities;
  • In the panel session on the business domain aspect, it was emphasised that modular, reliable and affordable in-orbit services is a future market. In-space demonstration is needed to raise confidence and visibility to support system provider to gain contracts for services. Demands should be created by the institutions, to foster this new, upcoming market (e.g. services for EU Copernicus, Galileo);
  • The enabling technologies panel discussed the current status of robotics and electric propulsion as well as of satellites that are prepared for on-orbit services and the importance of IOD/IOV to gain flight heritage. Additionally, the panellists raised that having European in-space services capabilities and supply chains is critical;
  • Automation, industry 4.0, digitalisation and AI were keywords of the final panel session, where the low volume of space was one of the discussed aspects. Using synergies with terrestrial solutions and open standards are, therefore, essential steps for the future;
  • Finally, the NewSpace session gave the stage for the innovative European start-ups to present their solutions for the Future Space Ecosystem and how they “do” and “think” space. The focus was on In-space networking and in-space logistics (last mile delivery).

Many thanks to everyone that registered (80+), attended (70+), our moderators, presenters and panellists (in total 25) and every raised question. The contributions will be key for the last aspect of the workshop:

Drawing perspectives and contributing to the Strategy for EU Space R&I for the strategically important area of In-Space Services to:

  • Support the introduction of On-Orbit Servicing/Assembly/Manufacturing capabilities for the EU;
  • Increase resilience and sustainability of the EU space infrastructure;
  • Contribute to EU non-dependence;
  • Strengthen EU competitiveness;
  • Prepare European industry and space infrastructure for new markets by fostering new commercial and value-added in-space services and related technologies.

Further future events will be announced also via the STARS*EU website (starseu.net), the Gateway to EU-funded space R&I. If you are not yet registered, follow this link: https://starseu.net/repository-registration